Maeve the Bernedoodle

On most Thursdays, Dr. Boyko’s dog, Maeve, comes to the office to visit. Maeve is a Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain dog and poodle mix) and is thrilled to greet patients as they come in for their appointments. 

Maeve stays gated in our administrative office so there’s no pressure to pet her if dogs aren’t your thing, however, Maeve is a sucker for attention so feel free to stop and say hi on your way back to the operatory. Although our patients are usually there for dental work, Maeve thinks everyone is there to see her.

When not at the office, Maeve can be found playing with her chew toys, picking up food scraps from Dr. Boyko’s daughter, Ava, or snuggling on the couch. Be sure to schedule on a Thursday to see Maeve!